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Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2015-2016

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

Gone are the days when you needed to wave your hand for hitching a ride since the two- wheeler showcase just implied those brawny, husky bicycles. The climbing number of female two-wheeler guaranteed that you generally won’t needed to ask to be dropped or use all your cycle rides being the pillion rider. Right away you can purchase yourself a bike particularly intended to suit the requirements of the fairer sex. Prior there wasn’t much  decision with just a couple of organizations eager to work at the early number of female clients yet now that the tables have turned. You have very much a reach of best Scotty for boys and girls to browse.

10. Hero Honda Pleasure

It brags of a 4 stroke best Scotty for boys and girls and a 102 CC uprooting. The wheel base is 1240 mm approx or 48 inches which provides for one a model control over the turning range. Details separated and for your plan concerns the mileage is a clever 55km for every liter and the stockpiling is well dealt with; the gear space, a front glove box and a snare behind the back foot-board for those protruding packs. At minor 104 kg Legend Honda Delight whips its adversaries hands regarding vibrant varieties. From Midnight dark to immaculate white, one surely has numerous choices to browse.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

9. Bajaj Kristal-DTS-i

Need I compose a passage about this best Scotty for boys and girls second start by Bajaj? Kristal-DTS-I was started particularly focusing on the teen young ladies and adolescent school young lady. It scores exceedingly on configuration, style and city riding determinations. With its mark Advanced Twin Sparkle Ignition (DTS-i) engineering and Fumes TEC simply settles on it the ideal decision for those short quick rides. The spring in suspension makes you have an open to riding background additionally  the interesting Front Energizing Framework simply makes everything the more impeccable and simple –going. The dry weight is 163 kg and the fuel limit is a stunning 14.5 liters and it can achieve a greatest rate of 120km for every hour.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

8. Yamaha Ray 113

Individuals held up for the best Scotty for boys and girls Yamaha combination to at last start itself in the bike area of the Indian two-wheeler markets, and their wish materialized the previous fall. Yamaha started its first bike Beam 113. Its extremely sharp characteristics and bulky manufactured makes it an impeccable ride for the femme fatale. With a grand fuel productivity of 62.1 km for every liter on interstates the quickening if .12 second for a 0-60 hop. The 113 cc 4 stroke is supplemented by a similarly advantageous fuel limit of 5 liters (a couple of should think about this a slack in examination with its partners). The ground leeway is 128mm and the wheelbase 1270mm in spite of the fact that it looks mean yet it weighs an unimportant 104 kg with a best Scotty for boys and girls limit of 15.5 liters.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

7. Mahindra Rodeo RZ

This one is from the house of Mahindra and brags a 124.66 CC four –stroke. Manufactured from an uni sexual point of view the storage room is a slick 22 liters. The ground leeway is 130 mm with the most extreme rate of 80 km for every hour. The fuel limit one unequivocal slack, 4.5 liters and some may find that side stand signal a bit of bothering. A little light at the boot proves to be useful best Scotty for boys and girls throughout drives after dim. The extra characteristics; Night Pace Caution, Portable charger, RPM meter (which was accessible for four wheelers before this) arrangements well with the careful prerequisites of a traditional Indian Two-Wheeler driver.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

6. Vespa VX

Vespa and “memories” kind of go together generally. Piaggio made its initial introduction in Indian Showcases best Scotty for boys and girls through Chetak (evidently the configuration was dependent upon a run of the mill Vespa outline), in spite of the fact that it wasn’t until 2012 that the Vespa (in its unique structure) came to market. With the launch of Vespa Lx125 the organization formally came into the picture of two wheeler mar.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

5. TVS Wego Disc

In the event that you regularly take to long treks when you have a calm nighttime for yourself then Wego is simply the thing for you. Evaluated a 4 on the scale of 5 for solace Wego is from TVS, the pioneer of scooty in India. TVS offers a disc brake choice, which thumps the run of the mill drum brakes in innovative predominance, on an included best Scotty for boys and girls expense of 2,800 over its standard form. Fueled by a 109.77 CC four stroke Wego is likewise the main bike that utilize 12-inch wheels at both closes which positively put it above the rest the extent that element are acknowledged.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014


In 1994 TVS started best Scotty for boys and girls in spite of the fact that focusing on both genders however much to their dismay that ladies will in the end beat men in purchasing this new item. So remembering the deal figures, TVS made best Scotty for boys and girls more sexual orientation particular in spite of the way that in 90s dominant part of two wheelers drivers were man. In any case TVS spurred their consideration on a non-existent female business. Throughout the following decade TVS started a few models coddling assorted reach of necessities. It went onto get to be popular to the point that it turned into a bland name for ladies’ two wheeler.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

3. Honda Activa

The slogan peruses Sapne Chale Endlessly (dreams continue forever) supplements only right to this scooty, with a dumbfounding fuel effectiveness of 6okm for every liter. The capacity concerns are countered with a snappy Inward Box alongside the customary foot board with the limit of 18 ltr, it simply determines that you never need to consider including that additional staple pack. The autonomous lift up spread makes it a great deal more advantageous to keep up and administration the back figure. The combi brake is one more characteristic to search for, it gives more steadiness by moving on the stop time, and the twofold breaks guarantee a shorter braking separation.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

2. Honda DIO

Dio is an extremely renowned bike name in the worldwide two wheeler market since late 80s. The expanding Indian two wheeler showcase however figured out how to give a lucrative market just in 2012. It has a 109 CC 4 Stroke Motor  and a wheel base of 1238 mm, the back and front brakes are drum sort with a width of 130mm. The level foot board points at giving more leg space and an extravagant ride. Fuel limit is 5 liters and mileage is 60 km for every liter as refereed best Scotty for boys and girls to by the item site. The capacity is really great with a limit of 18 liters guaranteeing enough space for your cap or all your shopping things. The low unfortunately stature provides for it an extremely popular look despite the fact that could be somewhat discomforting for a pillion rider.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

1. Suzuki ACCESS 125

Following the time when its discharge Gain access to 125 has been giving some major difficulty to its main rivals. Best Scotty for boys and girls appears to have scored with this one. The motor is mean say a 124 CC four stroke with a top pace of 95 km for every hour. The increasing speed is astonishing at 6.5 seconds and the tank limit doesn’t make you wish you could convey a petrol pump with you on a fuel limit of 6 liters. The ground leeway is 160mm which is somewhat more than its partners. It overpowers its slacks with plentiful stockpiling of 20 liters. It is appraised very nearly 5 stars on taking care of, solace, looks and unwavering quality ground.

With a extra torque execution which gives an edge over get advertisement control, the telescopic front fork suspensions guarantee agreeably rich ride. To give the long story the ax it unquestionably best Scotty for boys and girls provides for you the ‘Right to gain entrance to all your wishes’.

Top 10 Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014

Summary – Best Scotty For Girls & Boys In 2014


Best Scotty For Girls & Boys


1 Suzuki ACCESS 125 Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 47,000
2 Honda DIO Rs. 42,500 – Rs. 46,500
3 Honda Activa Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 47,000
4 TVS SCOOTY Rs. 31000 – Rs. 42000
5 TVS Wego Disc Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 49,000
6 Vespa VX Rs. 67,000- Rs. 73,000
7 Mahindra Rodeo RZ Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 48,000
8 Yamaha Ray 113 Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 48,000
9 Bajaj Kristal-DTS-i Rs. 36000 – Rs. 42,000
10 Hero Honda Pleasure Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 45,000

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