Top 10 Best Scooty for Women In India 2016

Alia-Bhatt-with-the-Hero-Motorcorp-PleasureIf you are a girl and you likes to travel a lot, there are a number of problems you have to encounter before you fulfil your passion, ranging from answering questions at home to dealing with regressive social pressures which aim to contain your movement in public spaces. Well even if you get past these hurdles, there is another trouble waiting for you and that is the biggest, how do you travel? With public transports becoming more and more unsafe, one is highly skeptical as to how freely and frequently can a woman use them. In this context, our society has, in the recent times, seen a positive change and that is, more and more women are taking up private vehicles which can definitely be seen as a sign of their liberation.

While the increase in number of women drivers has been steady, the same with respect to women riders has been huge. More and more women today are using scooty as a means of transport to travel whenever and wherever they want. Automobile sector has responded positively to this change by bringing out a range of two-wheelers suitable and specially designed for women. Here is a list of some two-wheelers which you can try your hands on.

10. Scooty Pep+

Scooty Pep+ is one model in the scooty segment which might be termed as that basic essential of the market. With an 87.8 cc, 4-stroke engine, the scooty might not seem that good an option if you are aiming for tougher terrains or too bumpy roads. Yet, on the brighter side, its feather-light weight of 95 kg makes the scooty a ride super comfortable and smooth. Its sleek design and metallic colours make it aesthetically appealing like none else.
On-Road Price: Rs. 43, 534.

9. Hero Pleasure

This is one ride which is extremely light and sleek. It has a 102 cc, 4-stroke engine with maximum torque of 8.10 Nm. The new model promises better pickup and more mileage. This is the brand which made scooties the in-thing for women riders with their extremely popular tagline, “Why should boys have all the fun?”. And, we absolutely believe in this vision of Hero MotoCorps. An add-on with this ride is that it comes with a built-in boot light for luggage box. Great for the times when you need to find that lost piece of earring from that dark box.
On-Road Price: Rs. 44,900

8. TVS Jupiter

TVS scooties are known for their longevity and TVS Jupiter is no exception to that. The scooty comes with a 110 cc CVT-i engine and a special “Power Mode” which is said to be a major feature of the scooty, making it an extremely viable option. The scooty boasts of a pickup of a good 0-60 kmph in merely 11.2 seconds. Its basic black colour is subtle yet speaks volumes about the power it possesses.
On-Road Price: Rs. 47,989.

7. Honda Dio

The 109.2 cc engine ride comes with a sporty look and light kerb weight of just 105 kg, making it a perfect blend of performance, style and comfort. The scooty was brought out for today’s youth who wants a ride which is not only good in terms of its features and specifications, but also won’t burn that big a hole in their pockets. Moderately priced, the scooty comes in four colours, all with a touch of sheen to them, which is bound to make your scooty stand out from the herd of scooties out there.
On-Road Price: Rs. 52,298

6. Suzuki Access 125

With its super sporty design as well as 125 cc, 4-stroked engine, Suzuki Access 125 is perfect for those women out there who want a ride that is easy to handle and looks absolutely strong and stylish, at the same time. The scooty has central locking system, tubeless tyres and boasts of a maintenance free battery, features which make it a great buy for the modern woman of today. And if you are worried about those late night rides that you love to take, fret no more. This scooty has a multi-reflector headlamp which aids a much better vision at night.

On-Road Price: Rs. 56,503.

5. Honda Aviator

Honda Aviator comes with a 109.19 cc, 4-stroke engine and a maximum torque of 8.77 Nm. This might not be as sleek as many of its counterparts in the market, but then, women need a lot of options too, right? However, do not let the dimensions fool you as the kerb weight of 109 kg is one which can be handled quite comfortably. Once again, the Honda colours stand out in a superb way, luring many potential buyers.
On-Road Price: Rs. 54,485.

4. Honda Activa 125

If there is one scooty which came and never went out of vogue, or roads, it is Honda Activa, hands down. The 125 cc, 4 stroke, SI engine with max net torque of 10.12 Nm make the scooty an absolute performance loyalist. It comes in 4 colours: Rebel Red Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Pearl Amazing White, and Black. Needless to say, the Rebel Red Metallic oozes with confidence and power, two attributes which are the highlighting aspects of today’s women who can travel on their own, with full independence.
On-Road Price: Rs. 60,655

 3. Suzuki Let’s

The sleek scooty comes with a decent, fuel efficient 112.8 cc engine and a mileage of whopping 63 kmpl. The 9.0 Nm torque and an extremely light weight of 98 kg just add feathers to the cap of this beauty. The maintenance free battery and zippy pick up of the scooty make it perfect for our female riders who do not want fussy scooties. It is doing great in its segment and the dual tone as well as basic colours are something which add a zestful appeal to the scooty.
On-Road Price: Rs. 50,606.

2. TVS Scooty Zest 110

The name speaks of zest and boy, are we happy with this small wonder! This scooty comes with so many unique features that we cannot stop praising it. For starters, it is the first scooty that came with a built-in USB charger. It is the first 110cc scooter to have conquered the highest motorable Himalayan road with a female rider! The anti-skid tubeless tyres as well as built-in indicator buzzer make the ride a much safer option. Also, it comes in a delightful Pearl Peach colour among many others, which is absolutely unique and adorable.
On-Road Price: Rs. 45,228.

1. Mahindra Gusto

Women riders usually have to face issues with height adjustment of the seat. Sometimes, it is too low, sometimes, too high. ‘Tis time to bid goodbye to those antiquated woes as Mahindra Gusto is the first scooter in India which comes with a height adjustable seat, making it a ride suitable for persons of all heights. The 110 cc, 4-stroke engine make it a smooth ride. It comes with a pocket-like storage facility right under the display panel where you can keep your keys, sunnies or that stick of kohl pencil for a quick touch up.
On-Road Price: Rs. 44,850.
So, ladies, it’s time to turn those wheels and get, set, go. Ride safe!

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