Top 10 Best Bikes Below Rs. 5 Lakhs in India 2016

Commuter motorbikes are the most popular two wheelers in India, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want super powered expensive motorbikes as well. There’s a wide market for the motorsports enthusiasts, and the bikes they look for are to be found in a top 10 bikes in India under Rs. 5 lakhs list. We have handpicked the 5 lac budget range.

10. Hyosung GT650

Hyosung GT650

The engine displacement for the engine is 647cc which is able to pull off 72.68 bhp of maximum raw power and 60.9 Nm of maximum torque output. The engine is 4 stroke, has 8 valves with DOHC and water cooled. The fuel tank is 17 liters, and rated mileage is 20 kmpl. Price: Rs. 479,000.

9. Kawasaki Ninja 650R

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS

Kawasaki Ninja 650R is a direct competitor to the Hyosung GT650 for its engine displacement and performance. It has 649cc engine with 71bhp maximum power output at 8,500 rpm and 64Nm maximum torque output at 7,000 rpm. The engine is liquid cooled, and offers a mileage of 21 kmpl on average. 0-100 kmph takes 4.65 seconds. Price: Rs. 507,000.

8. Hyosung GV650

Hyosung GV650

The GV650 is a cruiser motorcycle with a moderately powerful 647cc engine. Maximum power it offers is 74 bhp and the maximum torque output is 62.1 Nm. The liquid cooled engine offers 13 kmpl mileage in city + highway ride combined. It has a 16 liters fuel tank. Price: Rs.  496,000.

7. Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

Maximum power output is 60 bhp and the maximum torque output is 61.1 Nm. The fuel transmission system is multi point sequential electronic fuel, this system has proven to be very useful in long journeys. The fuel tank is 16 liters, and rated mileage is 21.57 kmpl. Price: Rs. 530,000.

6. Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR 300 R

Honda CBR500R is a sport bikes with 471 cc engine that offers 46.9 bhp maximum power ant 43 Nm maximum torque output. The engine is liquid cooled and the fuel system is PGM-FI. This Honda motorcycle comes with a large 16.7 liters fuel tank and rated mileage is 27 kmpl. Price: Rs. 450,000.

5. Harley Davidson Street

Harley Davidson Street

Harley Davidson Street comes with a 749cc engine that offers 53 bhp maximum power output and 59 Nm maximum torque output. The manual gearbox has 6 different speeds. Harley Davidson has always been a famous name in cruiser motorbikes, this one’s no different. The fuel tank is 13.10 liters and offered mileage 17.42 kmpl. Price: Rs. 469,000.

4. Hyosung GT650N

Hyosung GT650

The Hyosung GT650N is another variant of the GT650R, with almost similar level of power output yet different in pricing. This naked bike has 650cc engine with 73 bhp power and 61 Nm torque output. Offered mileage varies between 20 and 25 kmpl. Price: Rs. 432,000.

3. Hyosung Aquilla GV300

Hyosung Aquilla GV300

Hyosung’s offerings in the smaller engine range is still small. Engine on this motorbike is 275cc with 26 bhp maximum power and 23.5 Nm maximum torque output. It has a 14 liters fuel tank; and the mileage is 28-30 kmpl. Price: Rs. 410,000.

2. Eider Police 650

Eider Police 650

Apart from police, this model is also available for civilian usage. The engine displacement on this model is 649.33 cc. Maximum power output on the Eider Police 650 is 60.34 cc and the manual gearbox has 6 different speeds. Fuel tank capacity is 17.5 liters and rated mileage 25 kmpl. Price: Rs. 447,467.

1. Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Not everyone wants a 650 cc motorcycle, and Kawasaki Ninja 300 is just the right thing for those people. The engine capacity is 296 cc with 38.4 bhp maximum power output. Top speed on this motorbike has been rated to be 160 kmph. 6 gears are present in the manual gearbox. Fuel efficiency for the Ninja 300 iss 25 kmpl, and the fuel tank holds 17 liters of fuel. Price: Rs. 402,283.


The availability of bikes go up by a higher number when the budget is 5 lac rupees. However, these are the top of line motorbikes under Rs. 5 lakhs in India.

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