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Testing the BMW i3 Electric Car

S1-Video-BMW-i3-Caradisiac-etait-a-la-presentation-officielle-a-Londres-de-la-premiere-citadine-premium-electrique-2995511this is a BMW i3 the fine folks at B&W kept his cologne me for the weekend as part of the i three extended test drive and I’ve been running since Friday and wanna make a video tell you guys at home would like whoa so this is the BMW i3 I they loaned us the range extender version to test ride this weekend but basically it’s BMW’s all-electric car on where you can get one with the gas motor to small gas generator it’s not connected to the drive has all all it does is it build the batteries and generate up our to drive if you make an all-electric big mistake en route gathering a juice 1when your partner home look so futuristic it looks like a future car

it kind of sounds like the Future Part two on the thing I liked about this is it a little bit sportier than your typical like we’ll talk about that we get into it we can go we can walk around here months we open up sure then it so it has suicide or the texas board seats weird suicide doors it opens all the way on both sides so like we were able to get a car seat and put the Munchkin in the back seat no problem well waiting that’s not closing it doesn’t close I without the back door closed and there’s no way to open the back door from the back seat which also is kind of bonus if you have kids

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