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new-tata-zica-images-pictures-m1_720x540taking another crack at the hotly-contested hatchback segment and often the lukewarm response to the board Zika has a lot riding on it but unlike the board that was basically a revamp Mr ziko is practically all knew whether we talk about the fresh looks the cabin or those two all-new engines well let’s get down to it and see if this has got what it takes nice looking car and I see nice because its AGM shop but more appealing design that would love to return the front desk up catechal I increases and gloves that all of oil to the team logo in the center of this at the top of green of hexagonal got out and glossy black 2010 the divided into two clear that the smiling up two and three let the top 10 video the body colour bumpers the edge that also has the glossy black hectare site profile of the product key proportion and it carries two distinct shadow 91 at the bottom of the dogs that goes up to a very edges and want to come we sang that song download to ask the front giving it a bit of sportiness with a hundred and seventy millimeters of ground here and he cut is higher than its competitors but it doesn’t look quite like that it’s it’s quite caught to the ground that feeling is partially
due to the Rio with a better deal of stress out on the site giving it a wider void on the top has got a black edges adding some mention Tata-Zica-Left-Front-Three-Quarter-61426
why the competitors from a lot of space on the inside well with all the modern look catch that’s definitely going to the edge of the Interior off the doctor because he’s definitely impressive I think it’s one of the best we can adopt a hostile lots of nice touches will review and I highlight txt you follow it on the air vent the honeycomb textured plastic on the dash admitted roofline orders well damped fucking for the glove box instead of the cool handles that we’re used to seeing on cause of this gas the center console interesting and has opposed the info display that and keep the practical
caution because it has 22 storage spaces on 22 different location but if you call the places like the two bottom boy doesn’t the front doors and the platform get it all out there are lot of copies and storage areas in the dash and center
console is with Nicky little touches like the hope that neatly folds blush into the site of the front passenger footwell to keep back then be noticeably pocket on the back of the rear seat unhealthy but you do get paid in the doors if there’s one thing to complain about it is that the backrest off the front feet feels a little bit and take a few adjustments to get fit in but with  height adjust for the driver’s seat and the steering it’s easy to set him and of course it come loaded take to get the Kinect mixed infotainment system. developed by Harman which comes with it at Pico audio system and apart from the
regular all clean and USB the infotainment system jobs with the dawn by Tony app which allows you to use MapmyIndia bio and the Juke app which uses the mobile hotspot on your phone to create a book to network in the car to
hold to sell these for sharing songs on the device you can connect up to ten devices which can share the belief that the little monkey didn’t participate in the center of the instrument panel on the 55 you get driver and front passenger airbag ABS with EBD but it remains to be seen whether this would be offered across all the area the board at the lodge two hundred and forty two leaders and it’s quite deep now let’s get to the opposite end of the car whether it to new engines we begin with the battle at three billion to one point you need to 84 bhp engine with 11.6 kgm of torque and you can feel that initial pod delivery is good but then as you can Depot you find that the mid-range is really really flat in fact the fog
delivery itself as anybody in that song did you get right up at the top and just as you’re getting to the line if you could get the lock screen and suddenly pulled a little better get a week for the engine to lug around and under load on a slope that lack of power acted treated with God judges trying to get a move on after you slow down even after dropping give the clutch delighted Evo doesn’t really reduced progressively making it a little jokey in traffic conditions watching a town in city traffic you will find its engine adequate for your daily grind but get onto an open schedule try and get an urgent lawn and you will find programs be legal peco also comes with 250 an equal footing it to veto only blunt the performance even put them on the reef I’m in front you do hear that from a four three-cent in there but it’s compatible to any other in its class now you got does shine through even the we’ve invited handling is accurate around the corner office in the navy board are good body control and it’s happy to change directions and if you drive it out on the highway and you will notice that it was planted you can settle into a cruise with it feels like you’re driving whether you’re up the weed or in the back keep the V cut does offer a bigger back seat feels quite nice and open and airy with lots of lots area in space is pretty good too I’m gonna kill was 511 sitting in his driving position I’m about 54 and as you can see it didn’t have good enough legroom over the front seats nice and high so you can go to tuck your feet underneath it and get
comfortable too and the benches with is wide enough with the feet themselves are comfortable but not conduct I support but you fit nice and high so visibility of good as I watch you are talking about comfort it must be mentioned that the AC
is really not as efficient of it should give you a lot of noise on the highest but it doesn’t send out that budget but he left continue with the other aspect by parties actually quite nice for a small call in the petrol version that I mean just know at low speeds it’s running off the bones and fossils quite nicely and it’s quite flat and composure even at higher speeds you find that you don’t fall down too much but there is a difference between the bedroom and the deal set up in the diesel dusting palma the right-field the little stiff and has the cottage do it then in the bedroom do is not to the point where you’re uncomfortable fact the phone this week the overall that compiles its not a sector that the board but he definitely best in its class
now let’s talk about the diesel engine this is a one-point deal by PwC 59 BHB and 14.3 PPG emotional medieval reason heavier 2008 ekgs but the extra the diesel engine company after the 1500 rpm mark and then after that it’s really
nice all the way to the red line which is drawn the 4600 rpm mom it’s both keenly it’s nice to drive it’s only when you drop below the 1500 rpm mocking wanna get in OJ and move on you’ll find you need to act against you don’t function but he definitely feel better about the twin Evo and although the    tata zica web review 2judge isn’t the patches feel bad it’s not just thought he was a gift well short shift without stretching into the red line and you’ll find the diesel engine is actually quite does the job over 5000 Highway white with push it  hard though and you will hear it you can hear it specially when you push the end everybody and we can expect the petrol to leave around 20 3.5 kilometers perliter and you can expect more than that
and it definitely feels whether we talk about the fact exciting look for the video camera and quality we do the best we can from doctor yet and right up  there in the segment more than the right-hander compromise which is an area
where there be cut definitely a coat the right quality is nice and we are driving the car doesn t make a phone call from behind a real feel like a much larger effort going for the V talk to my baby back to quality becomes loaded with
peter is expected to attract the younger generations thought that the two engines may not be exciting but they definitely do the job now and an expected price up for 4 lac I think keep the car that will deliver on that promise for the earlier
indica gave more than a car and I think it is the cost to get back in the game

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