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Car That runs on Air- Meet the Air Pod

Its been long time since we heard the herald of new technology (working ones) about the Air Compressed Vehicles. There have been reports that Tata was once working on cars that would run on compressed air. For those who did not know, the Indian auto giant had partnered with Luxembourg firm Motor Development International (MDI) to work on this project about 7 years ago.

Earlier it was reported that TATA & HDI plan to to put a version of MDI’s AirPod on sale in Hawaii before the end of 2015, through franchisee Zero Pollution Motors.

Its already May 2016 and there is absolutely no words in the market . This kind of silence on the project led us to believe that the project had been shelved. However, a latest report published in Business Standard claims that Tata’s compressed air-powered car is in final stage of production, and might launch in the second half of 2015.

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