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This Swedish electric car is coming to save the world

A premium short range city car with two seats in tandem, designed for sustainability with a futuristic user experience.

The first high-end L7e vehicle with a target price of 200,000 SEK

The basics are as follows:

  • 130kph max speed, super sporty
  • 15kW AC motor
  • 11kWH Na-Ion battery
  • 400kg weight
  • Predominantly made of biomaterials
  • 150km range
  • Induction or plug-in charge
  • EU L7e classification (city car)
  • An ‘unusual’ driving experience
  • Designed for autonomy

Replacing the mechanical linkage between driver and the wheels with electronics yields multiple benefits, including…

  • Driver interface based on human biomechanics
  • Enhanced driver experience and unique safety features
  • Leaner and modular design
  • Batshit crazy gaming and entertainment options
  • Simplified introduction of autonomous driving

Uniti runs extensive RnD to verify a unique fail proof system.

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