Royal Enfield Continental GT


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the Continental GT royal Enfield sporty if you notice I seen yet all. an attempt at recreating a motorcycling icon of the sixties that this born-again get very self made into a modern-day lifestyle watched on as we find out well
the Don to sum it up in one word: the Continental GT
he’s nothing short of stunning design touches like the long pure de
and the minimalistic body panels complemented by the shining alluminium poke wheels n engine casing
then the bike a unique visual identity that cannot be mistaken do the finish level other best we’ve seen on a royal Enfield to date with top quality metals and plastics used bikes construction a few unsightly exposed wells on the chassis prevent it from being perfect do relaxed other NYMEX on words you’d associate with any cafe racer and the Continental GT is no different do the low clip on handlebars and rest that foot big feet the right up in a sporty bowler Ben Foster this position is great for spirited riding but less of a doting long distances the other non-lethal on all the people this up lamp like most sports bike neither the ball sizes will find the GB quite the comedy thing the Continental GTC 535 CC long stroke single cylinder engine is an a call and fuel injected unit and it develops a


royal-enfield-continental-gt-images-hdgenerous amount to follow the bike response crisp lead to trouble inputs like for Lucia sleep charging forward on the 44 Nm of torque on offer 0 to 100 is dispensed in less than 30 seconds with a dub speed just under 140 kilometers per hour with the optional performance exhaust fitted it sounds really nice too the Gd and urs quite well for a bike that weighs nearly a hundred and ninety kilos the specially-designed chassis bomb suspension setup and to keep early tired allowed the bike to be supremely stable in a straight
line as well as been pondering hard you need to put in Liberty more physically left but when you’re riding into the st. because of the week so date you done will be tricky to negotiate with the guest judge by only shock absorbers setup bomb 28 handling the DD’s ride quality isn’t the most comfortable around but it isn’t born jutting the hard either however does feel a little unsettled when riding on the futon the Continental GT features Brembo disc brakes and calipers get off a stellar stopping performance time and again leave a feedback is quite good
Kennedy easy to modulate the brakes to bring the bike to a swift a controlled study dude not many standard featured on the GT but if you wish you can choose optional extras such as a flat lie to come billion see performance exhaust and they said oh beautiful I lied by Ben meadows the Millers deserve a special mention

as they not only look better than the standard one but also so more on what’s happening behind you and most importantly it does not vibrate at be dad just over two legs on your daily the Royal Enfield Continental GT poses very good value for money considering the performance the static packaged and the quality of companies that has on offer do look at what the Continental GT has going for it it has a stunning design an appeal followed by stellar performance and high-end quality companies which in all offers a unique experience and packaged the four point that the Continental GT has looking against it if it’s fun ride quality the impractical seating option
with the stock so low they decided its large stunning really is and not having the best welding finish on the chassis did well there you have it the Royal Enfield Continental GT succeed in dogging a hard-hitting with its beautiful vector design and contemporary mechanical in it looks like a custom-made cafe racer but rides and handles like a modern performance by it offers an experience unlike any other motorcycle on sale in the country right now so if you want a unique motorcycle something that feels special every damn it is taken out for the night the Royal Enfield Continental GT is the right machine.

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