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The Mill Blackbird – A Customizable Car rig

With the advent of technology in every imaginable component, its difficult to tell what is real and what is special effects. Advertising is one such domain which is extracting every drop of technology to be one step ahead of their competitors.
A London based special effects company named ” The Mill ”  have come up with ‘Blackbird’. It allows advertisers, filmmakers to render any car they require for their scene on top of this special rig and without the car itself having to go anywhere near the set, yes you heard it right no real car but you get all those mind blowing shots with this rig and that too in Ultra HD.

Interesting right!!!, The Blackbird is an electric car consisting bunch of cameras, sensors and obviously a frame that can be customized to its wheelbase, suspension, driving capabilities and more to look and feel like a car so as to match the specification of its real world counterpart.

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