Legendary Bikes Of India

Nothing has ever come between a Rascal and his love for bikes, and nothing should. Thus, we have compiled a list of some timeless & legendary vintage bikes of India:

1. Yamaha RD 350

Yamaha RD 350 75 1

In the 1980’s this bike attained a cult status and the die hard biking affectionados swore by it. Very seldom seen on roads these days but surely brings a smile on every bikers face.

PS : The RD stood for “Race Developed” and even when we didn’t know that, 2 mins on the bike and the happy realization sunk in!

2. Bobby


Dimple Kapadia ain’t the only star that debuted with that name in this movie. The undisputed Rockstar was the Bobby Motorcycle and all our papa’s and papa ke dost we busy riding it. Basically if your daddy owned a Bell bottom trouser and a Bobby Motorcycle then you have a really really cool daddy.


3. Yezdi



The legendary twin silencer and it’s throaty roar is infamous for being a different bike every morning you start it. Everything about the Yezdi is just pure nostalgia. This was the dependable reliable affordable bike for the biker of the 60’s and 70’s.

4. Jawa


If you are wondering what is the difference between the Yezdi and the Jawa. Well then congratulations to you !! There isn’t any. Jawa is the parent Czech company that partnered with Ideal Motorcycles, Mysore and came up with the Jawa Yezdi. The different models had different names but this one particular model 350 (type 634) came to be known as the Jawa.


5. RX 100


Just like the Maruti suzuki there was a point in this country’s timeline when India rode home on a Rx100. The affordable 100 cc mass market product from Yamaha took to the Indian market like how. The Yamaha Rx100 has seen everything it was intended to and not intended to in this country. Modifications, show jumps, wheelies, sharing savari, irrigation pumps, and everything else you can possibly imagine.


6. Rajdoot


Everything about the TVC was right, there was Dharmendar, There was the bike, There was his stoney drunk voice and there was the catch phrase “Jaandar Sawari, Shandaar Sawari”. Then it had the HT and LT Versions. And for those of you who opened the Proud Made In India engine cover we saw the Made in Japan Yamaha Engine (shhhhh…don’t tell this to anyone.  It’s Made In India)


5. Enfield Bullet



When the Enfield Cycle Company and Madras Motors Partnered little did they know that they are creating history and history where the creation will outlive the creator. Enfield Cycle Company and Madras Motors have both shut shop since then but the “Enfield of India” as the joint venture was named. Still remains to be a lifeline of this nation. From People getting married to the motorcycle, to temples, to mechanics who refuse to repair any other bike, to bike clubs. From Aligning Dynamos to Electric start. The Royal Enfield has come a long way and when someone asks you why it’s called the “Bullet”. Don’t answer the question, let him sit behind you and take him for a self explanatory ride

Ride On !!!

If you’re a die hard lover of these vintage bikes, you can check out our Legendary Bike coasters here.

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