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It’s an auto rickshaw… It’s a car… No, it’s the new Bajaj Qute!

Bajaj-Qute-unveiled-by-Rajiv-BajajThe city roads  Urbanisation is a growing phenomenon, cities bursting at their seams is a spreading concern. Confusion, chaos, and what an opportunity to prove that survival is always of the fittest!

So, as the resourceful Indian, we rose to the challenge. However, while wheels and roads were something we knew a fair bit about, we realised a mere ‘new launch’ wouldn’t do. In keeping with the spirit of the Smart City climate, it had to be nothing short of an evo-revolution. The result is now in front of you – the all new Bajaj Qute.


Our big idea was to think simple. Space being a constraint, the wheels on the road needed to be first and foremost agile and compact enough to squeeze through city traffic as well as into humble parking spots. Also, there was no point in reinventing the wheel; the Indian auto rickshaw had already built for itself a reputation for meeting the challenges of city-traffic. The Qute began here no doubt, but it is not a simple upgrade.

This is a four wheeler and is in a category by itself. Not a ‘tuk-tuk’, not a car, it is actually a quadricycle that is lightweight, compact and has the great ability to weave in and out of traffic with ease. In other words, it has all the abilities of a three-wheeler, but dramatically outsmarts it in all aspects. This includes the ergonomic seats to give the driver a high level of driving comfort and the closed structure to protect the passengers from dust, pollution and thefts. Not to mention, the series of durability tests it has cleared to prove that it can survive on Indian city roads.Bajaj-Qute-3

In all, Qute is as much about an innovative design on wheels as being a perspective that understands urban transport needs without belittling its challenges. It is certainly a viable solution to our traffic issues, as well as a clever approach to compliment the very spirit of modern urbanisation.

Ready for your ride?

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