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Iphone 7 Rumours and Leaks June 2017


As September is approaching more and more leaks about Iphone 7 is hitting the market. New iphone rumoured to be having no headphone jack which make it 1mm thinner  . Another big news about iphone is that it may not feature physical home button .According to new rumours  new iphone may be water proof ya guy you read it right ” not water resistance but water proof “.


So now removal of headphone jack and physical home bottom make more sense ,which means less open places  to enter  water into the phone because apple making it waterproof .

According to new rumours iphone 7 2016 edition may be available in dark colours (Dark blue, Space Black).


Apple may ditch the 16gb for iphone 7 and for iphone 7 pro the base model will be having 64gb onboard storage .

One more thing apple rumoured to be providing lightning connector for  the earphone but now its rumoured to be headphone jack with lightning connector.


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