India’s most fuel-efficient bikes of 2016

India's most fuel-efficient bikes of 2013

These five bikes could help you put a lid on your fuel expenses.

With petrol prices going through the roof we present some of the most fuel-efficient bikes to hit the Indian roads.

Over the past couple of years, India has witnessed innumerable variations in fuel prices, particularly in those of petrol. They’ve seen them rise up; they’ve seen them drop down; they’ve seen them bounce from one point on the monetary scale to another, and back again. And while this may sound like exaggeration at its extreme, but ‘tumult’ is the word that really captures the mood of the situation that two-wheeler riders have been caught up in recent times.

But, like every coin has two sides, this one is no different. While, on the one hand, this chaotic trend of petrol prices has wreaked pure havoc in the awfully strict budget plans of Indian families, on the other hand, it is this very trend that has made the country’s bike and car owners so infamously obsessed with the term ‘mileage’. This, in turn, has compelled the auto-manufacturers to bring in new and improved technologies to the market, work themselves to the ground to reach a point where their factories cease to chuck out machines and begin to breathe life into marvels of engineering and technology.

That is the reason why the bike market in India is brimming with choices today, with commuters, which are the best mileage providers, constituting one of the most densely populated segments. Today, buyers can choose the perfect ride for themselves from a huge assortment of models, where capacity ranges from 100cc to more than 200cc, with options available at an interval of every 5cc, and fuel-efficiency starts from 30kmpl to go up to a figure as high as 108kmpl.

From this expansive pool of bike models, we bring to you those five members that leave everyone else stammering when the question is of a good mileage return.


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