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Honda Navi is Honda’s new motorcycle-scooter crossover. Let’s talk about Honda Navi looks first .This bike remind you of  Honda Grom. It will not be wrong to say that it is a copy of Honda Grom in most ways . Which is unarguably a great design. Honda Navi looks good no doubt about that .

At first glance Navi seems to look alike motorcycle itself. The handle bars , great designed fuel tank and the sock absorber in the front all features a full fledged motorcycle . But empty space below the fuel tank make it feel like a scooter Which is in my opinion is not practical at all . And below the seat you get as much space as a bike. Which in my opinion is not enough as a scooter has now a days . It has engine of 110cc 8hp at 7,000rpm . But the good thing about Navi is that it make you think whether it is good for you or not unlike all the generic scooter present in the market.

Unlike all the other scooters in the maker it provide great handling and balancing. You will be amaze how well it perform at the turns. Which make it a  better scooter in terms of turning at the corners. The riding experience of this scooter is great.

Technically, it holds almost the same dimensions as the Activa, with a slightly longer wheelbase, but still manages to shave off about 7kg. The price of the Navi is around 40,000 Indian rupees. Which make it a cheaper scooter in the market.This bike definitely going to appeal the youth in India. But the real question here is that whether Navi  is going to provide an other dimension to the bike market in India or …………

Time will tell…

But for now it seems like great scooter for a particular market.

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