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Electric Car Conversion Walk Through

hey I michael breen with the V West and today we’re going to give you a quick little walk through of the 1991 toyota mr2 that we did an all electric conversion on gonna go ahead and show you some
other components under the hood and some other components under the rear engine compartment kinda give you a quick idea of the car and then I will go for long drive all right let’s go okay so here we are back at the engine compartment on our 1991 mr2 the great thing about the mr2 is it’s a mid engine configuration which gives you really good balance between now by mounting the motor components between the axles in the engine compartment right here we have our Alcon PSC 2500 charger so great little unit will charge a 110 volts as well as 220 volts in this configuration were set up for level 2 charging with Jay 1772 connector in the gas cap over here we have our 600 watt dc-dc converter down here in the corner we have our Curtis 3AC motor controller and on the back side to that we have our Eve US chill plate so this is a water-cooled configuration see you can do highway speeds and are kinda stuff without worrying about the controller overheating down here we have the HP vs I AC 50 motor great little AC motor super reliable and that’s hooked up to our adapter plate in our stock transactional are using the stock five speed trans axle connected to the stock to a clutch and that’s great little reliable unit so now we look to the engine compartment let’s take a look at some other batteries okay so here we are at the back in the car know the great thing about this conversion as there’s really not much to see here what we did is we recess the battery box low enough that the customer has basically are maintained their stock trunk space and this is great he’s got to our customer as a car cover in some extra cables and some are car detailing stuff and this is really not much to show back here
for what you know that a half Mar battery pack is situated in the trunk space
we really haven’t %uh sacrificed any of the stock compartment which is really nice now we’re gonna head up to the front of the card check out the matters up there.
okay so here we are at the front of the car and as you can see there’s not much to see we went through a lot of bob work to actually maintain the factory look under the hood here so we’ve kept
all of our batteries all the high-voltage cables connectors and fuses are covered under the factory look battery box you put in here are behind the battery box we have an electric vacuum pump for the brake system.
the power steering is taken care by the OEM system the electric system in the mr2 know we also have a imy stea rm4. heater part and what that does is it heats the hot water for the
passenger cabin to for environmental some those cold nights and stuff like that so you still have a heater that’s pretty much it I as far as the specifics on the car we just kinda wanna show the layout do a quick overview over all the components are now we’re going to take a quick little drive around the block and kinda Gophers more details on the car.
alright so here we are no amor tour go for a quick drive around the block we’ll
show you a simple operation sticky and go ahead and turn it on there’s no starting involved because an electric motor so we’re currently on you go ahead and put in first year now
just give it a little bit aghast we’re just gonna roll a nice and smooth
this was an incredibly fun car to drive as I mentioned earlier it’s real toward healing in the paddle and you can just feel that Hall I and II that’s what we like we like that instant torque that’s why we do this do for fun and great of numbers and so our favorite cars a planet or can just start out second-year cars pull real good that’s if you have a fun in this thing on
I’m again the great thing about electric cars at the instant torque a low center of gravity with the battery pack and I’m com fun to drive of alright so that about wraps up our drive in the mr2
just wanted to mention we have thirty eight cells in here we’re using the Thunder sky 260m power cells and the car gets about a hundred mile rains lot more than that but I i think i this particular customer likes to drive around have fun at not driver so lightly I really enjoy that we like to have a lot of power versus range on go ahead take the same back to the shop now
alright so that wraps up our quick drive in video walkthrough over 91 mr2.

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