EDAG “Light Car – Open Source

EDAG presented at the 80th Geneva Motor Show, the next evolution of the EDAG “Light Car – Open Source”

2009 EDAG Light Car-Open Source Geneva
2009 EDAG Light Car-Open Source Geneva

at the 80th International Motor Show in Geneva 2010 presented the global development service provider EDAG its technical evolution of the highly acclaimed concept car EDAG “Light Car – Open Source “. The presented as a world premiere in the previous year “Light Car” showed with its innovative exterior design and novel lighting concept an independent design concept for the electric vehicle of the future.

“The electric drive provides designers and developers with a great potential to implement truly innovative vehicle concepts and a distinctive vehicle class of electric vehicles for to position the end customer, “says Jörg Ohlsen CEO of EDAG Group. “In the next step, we have developed a special vehicle concept which uses the possibilities of an electric drive and visible in our technology carrier in the sense of a purpose design converts. Parallel to this vehicle project, the EDAG Group has drafted a proposal for an innovative production concept which takes into account the specific requirements in the manufacture of an electric vehicle. “The EDAG Group presents in Geneva as a world premiere of a space-frame structure, the latest lightweight materials, semi-finished and advanced joining technologies together. The result: (incl. A battery pack for range of 150 km). A scalable platform to develop for small and medium volumes, involving minimal investment costs for tools and manufacturing equipment and at the same time does not exceed a total weight of 1200 kg The trendsetting vehicle concept with the support implemented by eight industrial open source partners.

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