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eBike Solar-Charges Itself Directly Through Its Wheels

Solar Bike was designed to be similar to any bicycle, with no special features that shift it from the basic bike design. The only change is the solar panels in the spoke areas of the wheels. The panels absorb solar energy and charge the battery whether the bike is in motion or at rest.

The motor can push the bike at 25 kph to 50 kph, a little faster than most ebikes on the market. Its battery will hold up to 70km worth of charge, though both speed and range will vary considerably based on terrain and speed, and how much pedal assist you’re offering during the ride.

 On the down side, Solar Bike’s battery takes longer than most cycles to charge. Despite state-of-the-art and shadow-optimized cells, it can only charge up to 25km per day worth of energy under optimal sunlight conditions.
Solar powered bike


Solar powered bike

On the plus side, this energy is 100 percent clean and renewable, without even the small CO2 signature of ebikes you charge by plugging in to the power grid.

Solar Bike’s frame is built for both smooth urban commuting and more rugged mountain biking—you only have to change out the tires for the right traction-to-friction profile. Solar Bikes include LED lights for safe visibility.

Solar powered bike

This is not the first solar electric bike to hit the market, but it is the first we’re aware of without a plug-in option. It allows those really dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint to choose a bike the fully supports—even forces—them to live according to that dedication.

Solar Bike’s website has some specifications and details on the design, but as of May of this year no information on where to buy one or even their production status. Interested readers can consult it for updates.

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