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Manipal University and Tata Power Solar unveil solar car prototype

Tata Power Solar and Manipal University have unveiled the SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle) prototype in Bangalore. The prototype – built by a team of 27 students from the university in collaboration with Tata Power Solar – aims to explore commercial viability for solar powered cars. The solar car prototype is built on a tubular spaceframe chassis with a glass fibre reinforced body and gets bespoke solar panels made by Tata Power Solar along with a complex data management system. The four-wheeled prototype weighs in at around 590kg and gets…

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France opens world’s first solar road in Normandy

The world’s first solar road opened Thursday in Normandy, part of a government-sponsored experiment to see if turning France’s highways into power stations could be a sustainable way to generate energy. The prototype road was inaugurated by Environment Minister Ségolène Royal in the village of Tourouvre, Normandy, under rainy midwinter grey skies. The one-kilometre (half-mile) “Wattway” is covered with 2,800 square metres (30,000 square feet) of resin-coated solar panels and was hooked up to the local power grid. It should generate enough electicity to power local street lighting. “This new…

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Stella Solar Powered Car

Stella, the first ever family sized road vehicle that runs on the sun has made its U.S. debut. While other solar-powered vehicles have been made for racing, the solar-powered Stella is the first vehicle made for road travel. A large solar panel sits atop the roof to power the car up to 500 miles on a single charge. Sarah Buhr goes for a ride in the the Stella, the first four seater solar powered car.     solar powered cars Solar Powered Cars – drive the future What is a…

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Electric Vehicle Car Solar Energy

Just 9 solar panels provide roughly enough electricity to power 12,000 miles of electric driving each year Level II charging station delivers full vehicle battery charge in 4 to 8 hours depending on vehicle range If you would otherwise drive a 20mpg vehicle, your solar electric panels charging your electric car will pay for themselves in around 2 years. Over 20 years, this will be like paying $0.32/gal for gasoline!*

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Super car. Electric Vehicles for the city. Top green innovation. Eco technology.

Electric Vehicles for the city. Top green innovation. Eco technology. Stella-The lightweight, wedge-shaped electric car charges itself with solar cells. It was built at Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland. It travels 500 miles (800km) on a single charge at speeds of 80mph (130km/h). This distance is increased if the sun is shining thanks to panels on the roof. Car also features a tablet that shows driver when traffic lights will change. And Stella’s steering wheel expands if you drive too fast. Stella is a prototype, but recently drove from…

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We are registering good progress in the field of alternative energy. Scientists and researchers are working tirelessly to come up with newer and better alternatives to fossil fuels. Scientists are also trying to apprehend the future problems related with clean and green fuels, for example, cleaning of windows and solar panels and expanded battery storage capacities for the next electric car. Nature Nanotechnology has just published the New Tel Aviv University research. The research findings deal with a breakthrough in assembling peptides at the nano-scale level that could make these…

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