Best Mileage Bikes in India

Fuel Efficiency is one of the biggest selling points for vehicles in India whether it is a car or a bike. Two wheeler manufacturers are constantly striving towards triple digit mileage ratings, especially in the 100-125cc commuter bike segment since sales in this category are affected by the fuel economy figures the most.Hero and Bajaj are two manufacturers who are currently at the forefront of this mileage war occupying 9 out of the 10 spots. Out of this 7 spots are occupied by a bike from Hero MotoCorp’s stable! Which is just another reason why they are largest bike manufacturer in India currently. Here in this post we have compiled for you a list of top five best mileage bike in India 2016 with price, pics and details.

best mileage bikes in india 2016

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Best Mileage Bike in India 2016

Model Mileage Price Specifications
Hero Splendor iSmart 102.5 kpl INR 50,000-51,100 97cc, 7.6 bhp, 8 Nm
Bajaj CT100 99.1 kpl INR 35,033 99.2cc, 8.1 bhp, 8.05 Nm
Bajaj Platina 96.9 kpl INR 44,597 102cc, 8.1 bhp, 8.6 Nm
Hero Splendor Pro 93.21 kpl INR 47,650 97.2cc, 8.2 bhp, 8.05 Nm
Hero Splendor Pro Classic 93.21 kpl INR 50,500 97.2cc, 8.2 bhp, 8.05 Nm
Bajaj Discover 100 90.30 kpl INR 48,000 94.38cc, 7.6 bhp, 7.85 Nm

Best Mileage Bike in India- Hero Splendor iSmart – 102.5 kpl 

A technologically advanced version of India’s favourite bike, the Splendor, the iSmart comes with start/stop technology which has helped it in achieving a fuel efficiency rating of a very impressive 102.50 kpl. The Hero Splendor iSmart is powered by a single cylinder 97cc engine which produces 7.6 bhp @ 7,500 rpm and 8 Nm @ 4,500 rpm. Hero has also tried to spruce up the looks a little with added style and a slightly unusual paint scheme which certainly increases the appeal of the bike.

  • Price: INR 50,000-51,100 (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
  • Mileage: 102.5 kpl
  • Specification: 97cc, 7.6 bhp & 8 Nm

best mileage bike in india 2016 - Hero Splendor iSmart

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2. Bajaj CT100 – 99.1 kpl

The 2015 Bajaj CT100 takes on the Splendor/CD-Dawn rane from Hero MotoCorp. The CT100 is cheaper than the Platina, but gets almost the same features, like the SNS rear suspension. However, the CT100’s motor misses out on DTSi tech and it produces marginally lesser torque than the Platina. The CT100 recently got a new budget variant – the CT100B. This model comes with a round headlight instead of a bikini fairing and is as much as INR 4,000 cheaper!

best mileage bike in india 2016 - Bajaj CT100

  • Price: INR 35,033 (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
  • Mileage: 99.1kpl
  • Specification: 99.2cc 8.1 bhp & 8.05 Nm

3. Bajaj Platina – 96.9 kpl

The refreshed Platina by Bajaj grabs the second spot on the list of the most fuel efficient bikes in India with a rated mileage of 96.9 kpl. The Indian motorcycle manufacturer has added some style to the Platina with the latest update. Black finish is used on most of the lower half of the bike and alloy wheels to add to the sporty look. The Platina is powered a 102cc engine from the DTS-i engine family and produces 8.1 bhp @ 7,500 rpm and 8.6 Nm @ 5,000 rpm.

  • Price: INR 44,507 (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
  • Mileage: 96.9 kpl
  • Specification: 102cc, 8.1 bhp & 8.6 Nm

best mileage bike in india 2016 - Bajaj Platina ES Mileage

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4. Hero Splendor Pro – 93.21 kpl

The second iteration of the popular Hero Splendor on this list, the Splendor Pro returns a very impressive mileage of 93.21 kpl. Powered by a 97.2 cc single cylinder motor, the Splendor Pro produces 8.2 bhp @ 8,000 rpm and 8.05 Nm @ 5,000 rpm. Styling is typical commuter bike like and looks very plain. Hero offers a black alloy variant as well to add some sportiness.

  • Price: INR 47,650-50,100 (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
  • Mileage: 93.21 kpl
  • Specification: 97.2cc, 8.2 bhp & 8.05 Nm

best mileage bike in india 2016 - Hero-Splendor-Pro.png

5. Hero Splendor Pro Classic – 93.21 kpl

India’s very own cafe racer for the masses is easily one of the most interesting bikes to come out of Hero MotoCorp’s desing house in recent times. Based on the Splendor Pro the bike gets classic cafe racer styling and retro features like the round tail lamp and headlamp. Being a cafer racer, the Splendor Pro Classic can seat only one individual which hurts its commuter bike credentials. Powered by the same single cylinder 97.2 cc motor as the Splendor Pro, the bike returns healthy mileage of 93.21 kpl.

  • Price: INR 50,500 (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
  • Mileage: 93.21 kpl
  • Specification: 97.2cc, 8.2 bhp & 8.05 Nm

best mileage bike in india 2016 - splendor-pro-classic-black

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6. Bajaj Discover 100 – 90.30 kpl

The smallest memeber of the Discover family of motorcycles from Bajaj, the Discover 100 is fifth on the list of the most fuel efficient bikes in India with a rated fuel economy of 90.30 kpl. The bike is powered by a 94.38cc single cylinder engine which produces 7.6 bhp @ 7,500 rpm and 7.85 Nm @ 5,000 rpm. The Disocver 100 is one of the better looking bikes in the 100cc commuter bike segment.

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